Joining a Mastermind Group

What Will Joining A Mastermind Group Do For You?



 Have a group of your peers supporting you, sharing their knowledge and expertise with you, act as a sounding board, basically giving you your own "virtual" team encouraging you and guiding you on your journey towards achieving your goals. 


 Mastermind Group


 The purpose of a Mastermind Group is to help support each individual member in achieving their goals. 

 Masterminds are set up for people who have similar goals or focus, meeting regularly over a defined period to support each other in achieving their goals, sharing knowledge and expertise within the group. 

 When we work together with others we receive the support, encouragement, and knowledge we need and we get the benefits of sharing our skills and talents with others too.   We grow positive relationships, with people who “have our backs”, who are willing to help us out as needed, and help us expand our network and referrals from others.


 Success Matters Mastermind Groups are facilitated by an experienced business coach, and the members are at various stages of business development, either before they leap from the safety net of being an employee, or those who have already commenced the journey to being an entrepreneur.   (Groups will be formed with people who have complementary skills & experiences).



 Mastermind Groups are closed, confidential, and comprise of online meetings (usually twice per month, 7 sessions for the full duration, please see dates at the bottom of the page).


 Being a member of a Success Matters Mastermind Group also gives you access to an online group/forum for connecting in between meetings, sharing goals, celebrating successes and asking for feedback.  They also include an accountability thread where you declare your "To Dos" with your masterminders.   The purpose of the online group is to keep each other focused and motivated between meetings, and to post questions and benefit from group wisdom/experience.



 Mastermind Groups usually result in building strong business relationships, and it needs to be a “safe” place to be able to share sensitive information about business goals, strategies and challenges we’re facing at any given time.


 Participants are expected to agree to keep the content shared by individuals within the group, it is a confidential space to speak freely about the challenges and successes each person experiences.  Whilst general knowledge learned may of course be freely shared outside of the group, any information pertaining to individuals is bound by confidentiality.




 The Online Mastermind Format:


 Introduction and focus topic for the meeting is announced by the host.


 Check-In: Each person shares their successes, current projects & anything they may need assistance with.



 Accountability: Sharing progress that has/has not been made on the action steps declared in previous session.



 Brainstorming: Discussing challenges, sharing knowledge, and giving feedback.



 Content Section: This is the learning section; a different relevant area of business will be covered in each session.  Topics will include things such as: branding, ideal customers, credit control, contracts, cash flow, negotiating with suppliers.



 Discussion:   Open group discussion on how the content section applies to each individuals’ business.


 Goal setting:  What goals have come out of ideas from the session?


 Action Declarations: Declaring the actions that you will take before the next session (to be entered onto the accountability thread).




 £150 payment secures your place,  please note that  places are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 participants, to ensure quality service to all members. 

 Therefore, it is advisable to book as soon as you can to avoid disappointment, the next mastermind group won't commence until Feb 2014!!


 Mastermind Groups are usually facilitated through face to face meetings, £150 is an introductory price to celebrate the fact we are developing this into an online format for the first time. Future prices will be £350 for 3 months Mastermind Group. 


 We're confident that you'll receive excellent value, however in the unlikely event that you aren’t fully satisfied you can take advantage of our full satisfaction guaranteed policy, which means that if you aren’t fully satisfied with any of the services or programmes we run, you will receive a full refund. 



 You can make a payment via the PayPal button below (No PayPal account is required, you can pay directly with your credit card). 


 Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer and an invoice will be issued.


 When you've booked via PayPal, you'll be brought to our  New Client Form, please enter your details so that we can complete your booking. 


 If you wish to receive an invoice and pay by bank transfer, please enter your details on our  New Client Form  and we will send the invoice to you.  We will reserve a place for you until your payment is processed, however bookings are only confirmed once payment has been processed. 


 We offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee, if you're not happy with any of our services, we won't quibble, we'll refund your money immediately, and appreciate the feedback you may choose to provide, to help us improve our services for future clients. We’re dedicated to providing you with practical support to help you build a business doing what you love. If we can improve our support to you, we’re eager to hear about it.



 If you would like a no obligation chat about Mastermind Groups, or to find out whether a Mastermind Group is something that could support you in your goals, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.




Are You Interested In Joining Our Mastermind?

If you're ready to go ahead and book your place, you can use the paypal buttons below.  


If you want to find out more, feel free to contact us (via our web form) and we can either answer your questions by email, or arrange to have an informal (no obligation at all) conversation so you can find out more. 



Each person will have an interview to determine which mastermind group would be best suitable for them.   We'll match you with the right people who will be complementary to your own skills and experience. 






Online Mastermind Group Oct 2013



Next Online Mastermind Group Dates: 


Commences Monday 28th October

Session times: 
Start: 7pm (BST/GMT) 

Finish 10pm (BST/GMT) 



Dates of Online Sessions: 

Session 1:  Monday 28th October

Session 2:  Monday 18th November

Session 3:  Monday 2nd December

Session 4:  Monday 16th December 



Christmas Break 


Session 5: Monday 6th January

Session 6: Monday 20th January 




Online Mastermind Group Oct 2013

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