Business Start Up Coaching Package

The business Start Up coaching package provides 10 hours of one to one business consultancy/coaching for people who want to stop being employees, and start being entrepreneurs. It has been created based on years of study of successful businesses, as well as years of experience working with many different start ups.  These are the vital elements to make sure that your business is a success, and doesn’t become one of the statistics which show that 90% of businesses fail within their first 3 years.

 It includes:



Strategy Session (4 hours)


This session helps the new entrepreneur clarify their goals, personal and business, a clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve is painted, and then an effective strategy is created to ensure your goals become realities, and don't just stay as dreams.  



Branding Strategy


The brand is the strongest foundation on which to build a marketing strategy that will bring you results.


Once your business & personal goals and values have been clarified, the next step is to create an authentic brand which embodies the goals, aspirations, ethics, and values.





Graphic Design Brief:


After creating the brand, a visual image (logo) needs to be created to embody and communicate what is important for the customers, and the promises the business makes to them.  

You need to be able to give a graphic designer a comprehensive design brief, so that they're able to create a visual image of your brand values and goals, and one that the customers will enjoy and be drawn towards too.  

Many new start ups fall into the trap of thinking they've communicated clearly to a designer, only to discover when they get the design ideas back, that they look nothing like how they'd envisaged.  Working through the graphic design brief structure ensures you don't waste your time and energy, or that of your designer. 



Social Media & Blogging Strategy:


The cheapest way to attract new customers is to be attractive to them.  Social Media and blogging are proven effective methods to inform customers of what your business does.  You'll learn how to create positive relationships and turn customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you.



Adhoc Trouble Shooting & Guidance:


Every individual is unique, and every business is also unique, the coaching package will provide the general guidance you need to start your business, avoiding the mistakes that cause 90% of businesses to fail!




Online Success Matters Business Club:


You'll also have access to the online Success Matters Business Club where you can post general questions and receive answers from your business coach, and the wider Success Matters community who also have a wealth and breadth of experience and knowledge.





The only core component that must be taken by all Start Up Coaching clients is the initial Strategy session.  Any of the other components can be taken on the relevant business areas that the entrepreneur requires assistance with.


Coaching sessions can be in person (London or St Albans) or via Skype/Google Hangouts.



The 10 hours must be used within 3 months of booking (except by prior arrangement) and can be used flexibly.  Response times for brief queries via IM/email are usually same day (sometimes immediately), other more in depth queries may require a meeting/Skype/Phone call to be arranged to discuss fully.


It's a good idea to set regular "check in" calls, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on requirements.  This keeps the forward momentum going, and provides an aspect of accountability to help keep focus on the right actions, and provide regular motivation. 



How your hours are utilised is up to you and will be discussed in the initial strategy session to make sure they are of maximum benefit to the way you want to work.


Start Up Business Coaching Package Rate:


This is a very comprehensive package providing you with the information and coaching support you need to be at your most productive and make a success of your new business. 


The Start Up Business Coaching Package helps you avoid the pitfalls that inexperienced entrepreneurs make, which can be painful and costly.   Everyone likes to think they can go it alone and it’s just common sense, but the fact is that tens of thousands of businesses fail every year with that same thinking.  Why take the risk when for a prudent investment you’ll be able to access the knowledge and experience of an seasoned Start Up Business Coach, giving you the security that you’re giving yourself the best chance of success possible.



The type of bespoke consultancy you'll receive would be charged to big businesses at a rate that is beyond most people's start up budget (consultancy rate of £250 per hour), for the 10 hours of the Business Start Up Coaching that would be £2,500. 



The full package is available at only £1,200 because charging more would cause start up businesses to have a financial disability from the outset.   We love helping create new businesses, and we want to be at the start of businesses that are going to become the corporates of tomorrow, promoting happiness, health and wealth (for their customers, suppliers and for the communities within which they operate).   £1,200 is a good investment to make into your business.  However, if even this bargain price is beyond what your budget can cover, have a look at our “pay it forward” option below:



"Pay It Forward" Option:


We often get asked to help people move from employee to entrepreneur for free, but as much as we’d love to, we can’t sustain this ourselves, we do not have unlimited resources. 

So, to provide people who are starting on a shoestring budget access to the expertise that will help build profitable businesses, and avoid the mistakes which cause 90% of start ups to fail - starting from September 2013 we're providing ONE lucky person (per month) with a fantastic opportunity to receive the Start Up Business Coaching package on a "pay it forward" rate of £750.  If you want to avail of this slot, you will need to book in advance as these are (obviously) very popular!!



If you want to start straight away, without waiting for the next "pay it forward" place, you are of course, welcome to start the Business Coaching Package at the full rate of £2,200. 





To arrange a no obligation chat to explore what you can expect from the Business Coaching Package and whether it matches what you need, please feel free to contact us




If you've already discussed the business coaching package with us, you can go ahead and order via the Paypal button below, alternatively, we issue an invoice with our bank details so that you can make a direct transfer. 

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